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Dental Examinations

Dr. Pak will perform your dental exam. Dental examinations are part of your cleaning. The exam will vary depending on your individual dental needs. For instance, Dr. Pak may spend more time looking for signs of gum disease in adults, and tooth decay in children. During this exam, he will look for a variety of issues as a way to monitor your dental health.

What to expect during a dental exam.

Dr. Pak will conduct a visual exam. He will not only check dental problems that you are aware of, but he also determine your risk for future dental issues. This is the time that Dr. Pak will review your dental x-rays helping to note or diagnose dental problems.

Oral Cancer Screening

Included in your exam is an oral cancer screening. Dr. Pak will look for abnormalities in the tissues of your mouth including sores or lumps. He may also examine the areas surrounding your jaw to check for symptoms of oral cancer.

Tell us about yourself.

Be sure to provide our office with your full medical history. We will need to know about any illnesses and medications you may be taking. Please do not assume that your medication is unrelated, you may be surprised! Let us make the determination. Tell us if you're pregnant, X-rays and some dental treatments are not recommended during pregnancy

We are not here to judge, please be completely honest about tobacco, drug and alcohol use, it may be important when making decisions.

Dental Treatment

Once your dental examination is complete, Dr. Pak will discuss your diagnosis with you and explore treatment options if needed. If no problems are present, you'll schedule your next six-month checkup.

Dental examinations generally include the following:

•  Visual tooth decay evaluation.
•  Gum disease screening.
•  Oral cancer screening.
•  Visual gum disease examination.
•  Gum pocket measurement and tracking.
•  X-ray examination to detect: tooth decay, cysts, tumors, problems below the gums and other hidden issues.

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